Careers: Re-thinking what's possible ?
Innovators. Revolutionaries. Leaders. Why you'll want to work at PixelDisplay
Missing a sense of accomplishment ? The opportunity to do something cool and meaningful, feel your best contributions are valuable, important and room to grow ? 

When we founded PixelDisplay, we had a passion to break from the typical culture of Silicon Valley, and rethink what's possible - that's core to our mission. 

We set out to create a culture of innovation, enrichment and leadership. Example : you've done your best work at PixelDisplay, you've take your inspirational idea, proven it's viability, and into a realizable patent so that it becomes valuable IP license or revenue-generating product-technology. Then you can participate in a share of the returns, for as long as you're working for PixelDisplay. 

(The old-school Silicon Valley way :  if your idea is recognized may be filed as a patent, with a paltry reward for an IP submission. Maybe the credit for your idea gets lost, or perhaps a courtesy email or a plaque when the patent issues - diluted like "the Ark in the warehouse")

We're driven to innovate, even the way innovation itself is done. 

You'll find some of the openings at PixelDisplay are posted on Angel List , but we know you have ideas - even bigger than we can imagine - take the initiative, write it down. If you're smart and determined, we know you'll find us