Careers: Re-thinking what's possible ?
Innovators. Revolutionaries. Leaders. Why you'll want to work at PixelDisplay
When we founded PixelDisplay, we had a passion to break from the norms, and rethink what's possible - that's core to our mission. We set out to create a culture of innovation, enrichment, ownership or leadership. Sure, HR recruiters may say something similar ... but imagine this 

You've done your best work. Now you've taken that inspirational idea, proven it's viability, vetted and refined it through peer review, and realized it in practice - you've made a valuable contribution. It could be that IP goes into license, or revenue-generating product-technology. So why not participate ? 

At PixelDisplay you'll get a share of the returns, for as long as you're working, and contributing here.
Yes, not just options, or paltry medical benefits. A real slice of the action, and a real return on your grit and intellectual investment.

Compared to the Old-school Silicon Valley way : if idea is recognized, you're required to file an IP disclosure, and given a paltry $100 reward for submitting your idea. Maybe the credit gets lost, or perhaps a courtesy email from patent attorney, maybe it goes into your yearly focal review, or a plaque commemorating the patent issuance. You're best work, diluted like "the Ark in the warehouse"

At PixelDisplay, we're driven to innovate, even the way innovation itself is done. 

You'll find some of the openings at PixelDisplay are posted on Angel List , but we know you have ideas - even bigger than we can imagine - if you take the initiative, then write them down. 

David W.