Missing the Blues already ?
Feels like Night-Shift went global ?

Firstly, thank-you Aussie and Californian Firemen: coming to rescue, as COVID-19 & Wildfires rack California; and to Gov. Newsom: for taking quick action and rallying support.

If you saw Bay Area's yellow skies of early September, and felt like you're already living on Musk's Mars ? Or on the set of Blade Runner 2021 ? Or maybe Apple was Beta-testing Night-Shift Sky, in iOS 15 ?

Feels weird ? Not your imagination... there is a biological reason: not enough Blue.

Light wavelengths are fundamental in driving our moods, ever since tiny creatures swam in algae-rich waters, and the only way to know if it was time to sleep, or wake-up go feed and avoid being eaten, was because only the blue-cyan waveband of sunlight is able to penetrate the watery depths, or be absent at night.

Light Wavelength vs Depth


Those light-sensing cells remained, and are the ipRGC (intrinsically-photosensitive retina ganglia cells) located behind our evolved retinas, and they still drive our circadian rhythms & hormones.

If you live in the Bay Area you may already feel bad about a world in "Night-Shift", keep in mind we already know:

  • Blue at morning is important to stimulate, as is No-Blue at night.

  • Systemic lack of Blue causes SADS (seasonal disorder, winter depression).

  • Too much Blue e.g. San Jose's new LED streetlights, disturbs sleep at night.

The Key-point:

Efficient Solid-State Lights & Displays, are important, but must come with Blue & NoBlue. That can't be done with filters, or night-shift-like hacks, it requires a fundamental hardware rethink to achieve vivid color, eye-safety and reduced sleep disturbance.



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