Careers: Re-thinking what's possible ?
Innovators. Revolutionary trouble makers. Future leaders. Why you'll want to work at PixelDisplay
When we founded PixelDisplay, we had a passion to break from the past, and rethink what's possible - that's core to our mission. It's part of everything we do. To create a culture of innovation, enrichment, ownership, and trustworthy leadership; we started with the belief that PixelDisplay must be more than "just another Silicon Valley startup". 

Imagine this ...

You've done your best work. Now you've taken your inspiration, your intellectual persistence, and now you've proven a viable path; vetted, refined and realized it in practice. 

We know it takes grit and determination to turn idea into innovation - and when you feel you've solved a valuable problem, you want to feel more than a pat on the back for your significant contribution. It could be that IP goes into a product, a license, or revenue-generating product-technology. So why not be recognized, and participate ? 

In the world of art, and literature, the creator and owner of the copyright is afforded a rewarding and lasting recognition. We believe engineering and technology is (and should-be) a similarly creative process, a true labour of love. An innovative technology idea can be every bit as powerful as a work of art.
Typical Silicon Valley corporations may offer a paltry reward for realizing your inspirational idea, or nothing more than a plaque and a check, most frown on publishing papers for fear of leaking trade secrets. So what's in it for you ? If you're an engineer or scientist at heart, we know it hurts to see your innovative work diminished. We recognize climbing the engineering career ladder is not going to be rewarding for everyone. A high salary, with options and medical benefits, may not be enough to overcome the crushing feeling of having your best work burned in front of you, or lost in the sausage-making machinery, diluted like "the Ark in the warehouse"

At PixelDisplay, it starts with recognizing valuable contribution, we encourage publishing research and papers, and continues with offering a tangible slice of the action. We want to attract the best talent, and accelerate the virtuous cycle of innovation. You'll get a share of the profits derived from the successful IP you've created, for as long as you're working and contributing at PixelDisplay. Yes, an actual return on your grit, determination and intellectual investment.

At PixelDisplay, we're driven to innovate, even the way innovation itself is done. 

You'll find some of the openings at PixelDisplay are posted on Angel List , but we know you have ideas - even bigger than we can imagine - if you take the initiative, then write them down. If you're smart and determined, we know you'll find us

Re-think what's possible.

David Wyatt