Presentation: The Future of Displays, Challenges and Technologies
Presentation at Display Supply Chain Consultants conference in Santa Clara, Nov 2018
November 2018 - DSSC Conference on the Future of Displays : Challenges and Technologies

David Wyatt, CTO of PixelDisplay, was invited to present on the key challenges for displays, and what future displays may look like. The presentation started at the experience, and the "Why ?" we're passionate about Displays as the primary communication portal to our increasingly digital world. Then, from the ground up: looking at trends and issues at the Pixel-level, the Interface-level, and the Graphics Chip level.

Covering what the faster than Moore's law growth in display TFT transistor will mean, and some of the key driving factors for future displays. Additionally, looking at HDR, and evaluating proposed technologies (such as emissive color filters, MicroLED, and GaN on Si) and what PixelDisplay sees ahead in the SmartPixels™ era.

Concluding with a high-level introduction to a major display challenge, which has made headlines internationally - and requires attention, in order to safely proliferate displays innovations to the next generation, in the visual IoT era.

The presentations is available here on Docsend, no password required.